“The most exclusive blue town of the Aegean…”

Alacati has several names from past to present “Agrilia”, “Alacaat”,”Alatsata” and finally “Alacati”… Alaçatı, one of the most popular vacation spots in our country in recent years. It has so much beauty that it deserves to be so popular.

This unique Aegean Town; narrow streets, colorful and lavish homes designed with stones and charming and high quality nightlife , famous Alacati bazaar and a peaceful wind that will be refreshes you even in the summer in Alacati. It is sophisticated and special details you can find in Alacati.You can relax in the lavender-scented streets of Alaçatı and have breakfast in the mood of pleasant conversations..

You can find everything you desire in this little cute town, you can have a dinner in famous restaurants or you can drink your coffee in cute boutique cafes.

Alacati is the favorite places for who loves entertainment and surfing.In this town you can find every kind of bars or clubs to enjoy in any time.
The streets of this quaint town full of colorful flowers are waiting you to take a beautiful journey and give you unique adventure everyday of the year.You will enjoy the pleasure and you will have an unique experience in Alacati where you will find a peaceful holiday.

See you in Alacati….

In summer, you can enjoy your summer in our garden adorned with flowers and
in winter you can have a pleasant time in fire accompanied by a warm conversation with your loved ones at the fireplace head.